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Travel & Expense Management
with SAP Concur

National or international business travel is part of everyday life for many companies. Planning, approving and invoicing these trips is the core competence of SAP Concur, the cloud-based solution for business travel management from SAP. The SAP Concur Travel & Expense solution portfolio also provides comprehensive expense management capabilities. This enables you to manage and integrate reimbursements of all types.

Work with us to optimize your travel management processes. As a certified and reliable consulting and implementation partner, we support you in the transformation and (global) implementation of SAP Concur. We're on your side during every single step: from conception and implementation to change management and ongoing support.

Core Processes at a glance

SAP Concur Modules

Concur Travel

In the future, your employees can easily plan and book travel via SAP Concur, while complying with travel policies and taking into account bonus programs, master agreements and budgets.

Concur Request

Your employees easily request upcoming expenses and/or travel in SAP Concur. This allows you to digitize and simplify the entire request and approval process. At the same time, you keep a clear overview of planned and actual expenses.

Concur Budget

The intelligent Budget tool gives you maximum transparency and control over your budgets within SAP Concur solutions. Budget is available on mobile devices or the desktop.

Concur TripLink

TripLink automatically captures every reservation and deposits the travel data into SAP Concur. As a result, you can not only report more accurately on current and future expenses within the company, but also fulfill your duty of care.

Concur Expense

The digitized and highly automated solution for easy and accurate expense and business travel claims. Concur Expense automatically calculates the meals allowances due (Travel Allowance Service).


Your employees can record your expenses quickly and easily: Photograph invoices and upload them in a legally compliant manner using the SAP Concur mobile app. There is automatic filling of expense forms through OCR recognition.

Concur Drive

Effortlessly captures and calculates miles traveled and mileage allowances within the SAP Concur mobile app. Unlike manual calculations, Concur Drive reimbursement always reflects the actual distance traveled.

Concur Expense Assistant

Once an expense is created in Concur, a monthly expense report is automatically generated. Your employees who decide to use Expense Assistant can choose whether Expense Assistant should automatically generate calendar-based or travel-based expense reports for you.

Central Reconciliation

For a central account reconciliation from the company, paid invoices are automatically assigned to pre-approved trip items.

Receipt + Policy Audit:

As part of a Receipt Audit a global audit team ensures that the date, amount, and expense types on the invoice matches the entry in Concur Expense. Additional protection is provided by Receipt Audit through a security check that confirms the policy compliance of missing receipts. Within Policy Audit, compliance with your individual travel policy is verified.

Expense Pay Global

Fast refunding of expenses to your employees and automatic accounting in your financial system is ensured, regardless of your ERP or accounting software. The automated end-to-end billing process simplifies the refund processes for employees and their credit card statements.


As a cloud solution, SAP Concur integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure (regardless of your ERP or finance and accounting software). As a result, expenses are posted quickly and error-free, all systems remain consistent at all times, and there is end-to-end transparency of expenses across all channels.


You analyze exactly where your travel budget is spent. You can use these results to negotiate discounts, save on taxes and plan your budget with certainty. Concur Intelligence provides detailed and customizable reports and dashboards to help you make better decisions, provide maximum visibility across the board, and provide insights into corporate spending habits.

Concur App Center

Concur App Center has preconfigured partner integrations with core SAP Concur products. Third-party providers such as credit card providers, travel portals, car rental companies, etc. can be easily and quickly linked directly to SAP Concur. They improve the travel experience, simplify billing and financial processes, and many other internal company operations. It allows you to design a holistic solution with your preferred apps and services.

Third Party Integrations of
e.g. Uber, Sixt, WeChat, …
Simple & Mobile

Simple &

  • Book business trips and report travel expenses quickly, easily and from everywhere in one system.
  • Travel expenses and other expenses can be submitted, approved and processed by the administration in a paperless and correct manner from any device., einfach und von überall mobil Dienstreise buchen und Reisekosten abrechnen in einem System.
Efficient & Transparent

Efficient &

  • Your employees are relieved of administrative and time-consuming manual activities
  • You always have an overview of your costs: comprehensive view of all expenses for optimal process design
Automated & Integrative

Automated &

  • Data from the booking of business trips automatically enters the travel expense report
  • SAP Concur integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure as a cloud solution
  • Eliminates data entry errors and reduces booking and expense reporting failures

We accompany you during

Our Offer
  1. Global SAP Concur implementations for any company size
  2. Professional project and change management fom initial assessment through go-live
    Our experienced project managers will guide your project to sucess. In addition, we offer support in the areas of change management, HR digitization and HR process optimization. This will help you ensure proper use of the system.
  3. Target group oriented employee trainings
    We offer personal trainings or p78 Concur Tutorials as training packages for your user groups (employees, managers, administrators, approvers, representatives). This will help you ensure proper use of the system.
  4. Development of customized and specific apps & addons
  5. Long-term support for your SAP Concur System
    With our SAP Concur Suport, we assist you from roll-out and acceptance management to admin and user training. We are also happy to support you with updates, release changes, change requests and optimization during ongoing operations.
Your Benefits
  1. You will receive all-round service: as a certified implementation and consulting partner for SAP Concur solutions, we provide you with intensive support before and after the system implementation.
  2. Benefit from our project experiencefrom global roll-outs in over 30 countries.
  3. As a specialist for S4HANA and SAP SuccessFactors integrations, you can rely on us for a holistic IT strategy.
  4. We develop suitable and individual apps & add-ons for your travel expense management.
  5. We involve your employees from the beginning, actively shape the change in your company and train your employees in order to fully use SAP.
Florian Vogg, Team Leader SAP Fi Projects at RATIONAL AG
„With SAP Concur and the support of projekt0708, we were able to automate travel expense transactions while complying with tax regulations.”
Florian Vogg, Team Leader SAP Fi Projects at RATIONAL AG
Andreas Wanner, Global Project Lead HR Systems SAP Concur, Cloud Platform Management (CPM) at Evonik Industries AG
„Thanks to the flexibility SAP Concur has demonstrated in terms of implementation, we now have a unified system for travel and task management across our different locations. At the same time, the standardization of data processing simplifies a cross-country overview.”
Andreas Wanner, Global Project Lead HR Systems SAP Concur, Cloud Platform Management (CPM) at Evonik Industries AG

implementation approach


You tell us your individual requirements - we implement it! The implemented solution is tailor-made for your company and will meet your needs.

1. Kick-Off Workshop
Requirements analysis

2. Preconfiguration (Prototyping)

3. Iterative Process
Adaption of the configuration design to the individual final solution

4. Testing and Go-Live Preparation
Import of employee master data
Standard interface to (SAP) FI

5. Go-Live
Introduction & User Training

6. Hypercare (after Go-Live)
After Go-Live Configuration: Demand-oriented support during the introduction phase.


We provide you with a preconfigured solution based on our best practices and many years of customer experience. Together we finalize your solution using a fit-gap analysis.

1. Kick-Off Workshop
Requirement analysis (Check)

2. Best-Practice Configuration (Prototyping)

3. Fit-Gap Analysis and joint finalization of the configuration design
Adaptation of the configuration design to the individual final solution

4. Testing and Go-Live Preparation
Import of employee master data
Standard interface to (SAP) FI

5. Go-Live
Introduction & User Training

6. Hypercare (after Go-Live)
After Go-Live Configuration: Demand-oriented support during the introduction phase.


This pragmatic approach is intended for global or cross-country SAP Concur roll-outs. In comparison to the usual procedure, the work is not oriented to a single country. Instead a requirements profile is defined that can be transferred to all locations and used in all countries in the long term from the very beginning. The process is specified once and the respective countries adapt their internal processes accordingly, if necessary.

1. Development of a global template (requirement profile)

2. Best-Practice Configuration (Prototyping)

3. Minimal fit-gap analysis for individual countries and finalization of the configuration design
Länder pasCountries align internal company processes with the defined global template to enable implementation.

4. Testing and Go-Live Preparation
Import of employee master data
Standard interface to (SAP) FI

5. Go-Live
Introduction & User Training

6. Hypercare (after Go-Live)
After Go-Live Configuration: Demand-oriented support during the introduction phase.

You don't know which approach is right for you?
Please feel free to contact us.

P78 Launch for success packages

Our implementation packages at a fixed price

Launch for success: SAP Concur Expense

We introduce a preconfigured best practice expense management system to your company, keep your internal efforts as low as possible and accompany you throughout the entire project.



Launch for success: SAP Concur Travel & Expense

We implement a preconfigured best practice travel management and expense management system in your company. SAP Concur Travel consulting and design incl. test support is included.




p78 Apps & AddOns 

Connector for DATEV

Does your company use DATEV accounting software for financial accounting and does it also use it for tavel and expense management? SAP Concur offers the optimal solution for your travel and expense management by connecting directly to your DATEV solution.

Using the p78 Connector for DATEV, you transfer the booking data of your travel expense reports into your DATEV system within a few clicks.

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Simplify the processing of your travel expense reports within your DATEV system with the p78 Connector for DATEV.

Features at a glance

Accelerate and optimise the entire travel expense reporting process with the p78 DATEV Connector - from the entry of travel expenses to the transfer of booking data into your DATEV system.

  • The transfer of travel expenses from SAP Concur to DATEV is made quick and easy using the p78 Connector for DATEV. It completely eliminates the need for manual booking of travel expenses.
  • All checked and approved settlements are continuously exported from your SAP Concur system with just a few clicks and then imported into your DATEV system in a matter of seconds.
  • The export file contains all the necessary information such as accounts payable and expense accounts, input tax keys, amounts as well as cost centres and cost units, etc. Which data and information from travel costs and expenses are transferred to DATEV can be defined individually for your company.


Easy and quick handling of incorrect bookings: if settlements cannot be processed in DATEV due to incorrect bookings, a standardised error file is generated from DATEV which gives you the exact error.

  • Via the p78 Connector for DATEV, the processor is able to correct the errors within the travel expense report in SAP Concur.
  • The request is transmitted to DATEV again. The corresponding data records are posted.



Connector for DATEV

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SAP Concur Document & Review

Our exclusive add-on for SAP Concur "Document & Review" simplifies receipt management by digitally analysing and displaying your (international) receipts. Filtering and collating specific documents from the totality of your expense claims will be easier than ever before. You save time and resources in your travel expense management audit management. The VAT reclaim of your Concur receipts was never so easy.

Explore more

In our p78Lab you will get a first impression of the functional scope and appearance of the solution.

In addition, p78 Document & Review supports the analysis and implementation of your VAT reclaim as well as the proper execution of compliance audits:

  • In which countries is it worth filing an input tax refund for our foreign documents? 
  • How can you prepare yourself optimally for annual financial statements and compliance audits and handle them efficiently in the future?
  • Can you provide certain receipts immediately? 

Features at a Glance

  • Simple filtering and compilation of specific receipts from all travel expense reports according to individually defined criteria 
  • Receipt sorting and checking within the SAP ERP FI/CO and SAP Concur solutions
  • Direct access to receipt management (through individual role or authorisation assignment in the SAP system)
  • Secure and privacy-compliant document management according to compliance and country guidelines
  • Simplified preparation of documents for the input tax refund application with the relevant state tax authority


SAP Concur Document and Review

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SAP Concur is constantly evolving its products with minor adjustments to ensure stability and improve the applications. We summarize the most important updates in monthly SAP Concur Release Notes.
Be up-to-date and experience all release updates.

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